Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Skinny 'T'

A post from the December 2017 archives of Petite Quilts by Annette Plog was the spark for the back quilt of Devil Stars (the quilt top from my recent posts).  Here is a link to purchase Annette's pattern (no affiliation).  If you're not familiar with Annette's blog, you'll enjoy reading thru the archives.  May 2018 posts include her trip to Paris and Nantes to attend the Pour l'Amour du Fil show with Betsy Chutchian, a featured artist this year.

I've always loved Skinny 'T' antique quilts.  My blocks will finish at 8.25", so the pieces are large and sew up quickly.   I'm exchanging the center square for an hourglass on eight of the blocks and for a four patch on the center block.  I'm planning on five rows of five blocks - 25 'T' blocks.  I was originally planning on setting block -to-block, but I like the look of the cornerstone and sashing.  I have another block in mind for the next round, but haven't decided on specifics.  Sorry for the rough picture, but it is a 'work in progress'.

Update on our new family member, Jacks - the vet puts him at 1 to 1 1/2 rather than 3!!  He's a good boy, but did chew the library audio plastic book case when left alone - Uh Oh.  At least there was no damage to the disks.  Not looking forward to returning it :(

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