Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Meet Jacks, a 3 year old rescue dog we adopted last week.  He immediately made himself a part of the family.

I completed the quilt top, but it doesn't look much different than last week's pic.  I didn't find another name for the block pattern. Please leave a comment if you recognize it.  I've decided on the specifics of the quilt back and have started to pull fabrics.  I hope to get a sample block sewn today to test cutting directions. 

Jan and I visited the Chicago Art Institute yesterday.  I have a few items to share that caught my eye.

This French wool and silk tapestry weave dates from 1756 to 1763 produced at the Manufacture Royale de Beauvais.  It depicts the arrival of Princess Psyche at Cupid's Palace.  (Accession nbr 1943.1237, 67" x 140.75")

A silk and cotton plain weave ikat (warp-resist-dyed) Woman's Chapman/Robe from Bukhara, Uzbekistan edged with silk twined embroidery (1840/60, accession nbr 2005.606)

Roman bronze, silver and copper Busts of Silenoi (part human, part goat) dated from mid 1st century BC to mid 1st century AD.  They represent the desires released by the magic elixir of the wine god Dionysos.  They adorned the sides of an elaborate couch used by high society at lavish banquets.  (Accession nbr 1997.554,1&2)

The first two items can be found on the Art Institute online collection using the accession numbers.


  1. I am just guessing, but the block may be Devil's Claw. What ever it is, it is beautiful!

    1. Thanks!! I think it's a modified Devil's Claw - I was hoping it had an alternate name :)


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