Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Devil Stars

The top is not complete, but getting close.  My design wall is hung down my main hallway, so I can't get a straight-on shot.  This quilt has been a lot of cutting and unit piecing, but also a lot of fun.  It's large - 94" before quilting.  The inspiration quilt is from the May/June 1991 issue of Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts pictured on page 45 - an 1890's Devil's Claw in the collection of Bernice Stone.  A quick look in the Brackman 'Encyclopedia' didn't find a match, but I'll do a more thorough search later.  Now, I'm headed out for a day of birthday fun!



  1. LOVE IT! Looking forward to how it will look finished!

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous. Love the design and subtle colours. And the way you have placed the various patterned materials is perfect. Full of admiration!


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