Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Porch Sewing

Schedules permitting, Jan and I get together once a week during warm weather months for porch sewing.  We usually work on hand quilting small projects - doll or crib quilts.  My current work-in-progress is from Lori's Humble Quilts  'Cheddar Cheese and Crackers' quilt-along from January 2010.  Yikes, way overdue to quilt and bind.  This is the first top I'm hand quilting freehand with no chalk guidelines.

I've been working on Skinny 'T' blocks - 12 complete, 13 to go.  The first six blocks included just pink, blue and brown.  That seemed too repetitive, so I expanded the color pool.  I have a couple green fabrics I'm considering for borders, so hoping to bridge the color transition.

Have a sunny, summer week!

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